About Altona LAC

The Altona Little Athletics Centre is a member of the Victorian Little Athletics Association (VLAA) and is the 41st Centre to be established in Victoria. The Altona Centre began when three clubs, Altona North, Seaholme and Westona left the Williamstown Centre to start competition closer to home.

The Altona and St. Mary’s Clubs helped form the new centre and the 1969/70 season saw five clubs competing in Altona.

In the early years the Altona East club formed but has since folded. In 1994 the (Altona Meadows) Laverton club joined the Altona Centre after the Laverton Centre folded. Inter-club competition at Altona consists of track & field from September to March at the George Nevitt Athletics track and cross country (see page 16 for cross-country details).

This website contains information on the Centre’s and the Association’s Activities.


Weather Policy

If the forecast temperature the night before a meet is predicted to be higher than 35 degrees then the center may run a modified program. if the temperature is forecasted to be above 35 degrees and the temperature has reached 33 degrees by 8.00am on the day then the meet will be cancelled. If the temperature reaches 37 degrees or above during the meet the Center Executive Committee will decide on weather to continue the meet.

If it is raining heavily The Center Committee will decide at 8.30am if the meet will be modified or cancelled

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