• 70m
  • 100m
  • 200m
  • 400m
  • 800m
  • 1500m
  • 60m Hurdles
  • 80m Hurdles
  • 200m Hurdles



For races up to 400 metres On your marks Set, and, where necessary, stand up. No time excessive, the command stand up is given.

If a false start occurs (ie when one or more runners gain an advantage) a second shot is fired. Offending athletes are warned by the starter and the starter gun is reloaded. If a second false start occurs by any previously warned competitors, they will be dis-qualified (except U6-U9). Multi-event athletes will be disqualified after 3 false starts.



When called to take your marks, place your front foot just behind the line and relax.
When called to get set, lean forward, placing all your weight onto your front foot
And using your back foot only to steady yourself. Concentrate, waiting for the sound of the gun.
When the gun fires, take off without moving backwards.



When called to take your marks your hands should be behind the line, your front foot placed to allow your front knee to pass behind the nearest elbow to it. Your back foot is placed so the knee is on the ground next to your front foot.
When called to get set, you must roll forward on your hands, lifting your bottom into the air as you do so. Your front leg would ideally be at 90deg. and your back leg would ideally be at 120 deg. From this position, with or without blocks, you will get the best possible start.